Shipping from US

Shipping from US

American International Shipping has continued to be the leading provider of shipping services. Ever since the company emerged on the surface, it has been able to transform the entire shipping industry. It is for this reason that we are trusted by clients from all corners of the earth. Our state of the art shipping services attract clients from different parts of the world because of our ability to ship cargo to any destination of the world. In particular, we are the only shipping company that you can rely on if you want to ship any kind of cargo from the US. Some of the shipping services from the US are indicated below.

Equipment shipping; we have the capacity to ship equipment of various sizes to any destination on the planet. Our team of experts can ship equipment of various sizes and complexity.

Sea freight shipping; we are the only shipping company that prides itself in the provision of reliable sea freight shipping services to any destination on the face of the earth.

Vehicle shipping; we are able to ship vehicles from the US to various parts of the world irrespective of the destination or nature of the vehicle.

Air shipping; we also provide air shipping from the US to all parts of the world depending on the needs of the client.