Shipping Worldwide

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Shipping Worldwide

American International Shipping is an award winning shipping company that prides itself as the leader in the provision of shipping services. Ever since we came on board, we have been able to transform the entire shipping industry through the use of highly innovative shipping methods and provision of unmatched shipping services. This explains why we have an excellent level of command of the entire shipping service provision industry. Over the years, our worldwide shipping services have been able to surpass any other shipping services that are available today. There are numerous that account for our ability to have total control over the entire worldwide shipping business as indicated below.

Reasons why you can trust us

We ship to all countries: We are the only shipping company that does not shun any country on the face of the earth irrespective of its location. This is the reason that we remain trusted by our clients all over the world.

We process shipment orders quickly: Our shipment processing time is very short and does not include too much paper work.

We ship just about any item: There is no limit to the nature and type of items that we are able to ship

We boast of a vast array of shipping modes: We are the only company that boasts of a vast array of shipping modes including air and road.

International shipping services from American International Shipping are modeled on a global basis for the safe and timely delivery of goods of any volume from any part of the United States to any part of Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, New Zealand and Australia. We are a best provider of solutions to the transportation needs of global customers.

Be it sea fright services or air freight services, we boast of our dominant presence in the field of international shipment. We are an expert in handling heavy and even over-sized cargo, for example large size truck,boat & heavy machinery, auto or boat during the shipment process spanning over miles. We have connected the major ports in each of the hemispheres to facilitate the shipment crosswise the globe.

Our worldwide network of knowledgeable agents is a strong support of our international freight services for truckling delivery and warehousing.

We are equipped with all sorts of open and closed containers for sea shipping. The shipment of vehicles, commercial goods and household objects through our containers is safe and secure. We ensure all means of protection to keep possible threats to the goods far away. Thus, we excel in our international sea freight services.

The core advantages of freight services from American International Shipping –

  • Fully integrated shipping services by air and sea
  • Online shipment tracking facility
  • Strong network of agents around the globe
  • Strong, solid open and close containers 
  • Improved international transport systems
  • Proven expertise in handling massive and heavy cargoes