Equipment Shipping

American International Shipping is the world’s leading provider of shipping services. It is the only company that you can rely on if you are interested in hiring the best shipping services that are available today. We boast of a vast array of state of the art shipping methods that make us stand out on top of all the other shipping companies that are available today. In particular, we are the main pioneers of the equipment shipment industry. We are the only company that you can trust if you want to transport your equipment from one distant destination to another.

Reasons why our equipment shipping services can be trusted

• State of the art shipping methods; we boast of a vast array of shipping methods which are good enough to surpass any other equipment shipping services provided by any shipping company.

• We can ship any equipment irrespective of size or complexity; there is no limit to the size or complexity of cargo that we are able to ship. Even the most complex equipment can be shipped by us. The list includes farm machinery, mining equipment and civil engineering equipment.

• We have the capacity to ship to any destination; we are the only shipping company with the capacity to ship equipment to any destination on the planet.