What Is The Difference Between FCL And LCL?

Starting your own business can be a very hectic task. You have to deal with everything including paper work, government regulations, choosing right service provider, team members and so on. You cannot make a mistake in any of these otherwise it can prove to be disastrous for the business. Similar is choosing the one of the best international container shipping companies for transporting your finished goods or for importing raw material. It is normal for one to not understand the basic terminology, but you cannot stay dumbfound for the rest of your life.

It is always best to ask someone or to collect basic information about all the terminology related to the services you are about to hire. Two such terminology in shipping industry are FCL and LCL. When you are planning to ship something, it is crucial to understand which is what and how it is important for your business.

FCL: Full container load, which is generally a 20 or 40 feet container, is loaded completely. When you are planning to ship large amount of quantity or a huge shipment, this is the viable option. Shipping agencies dealing in FCL are the cheapest international shipping from USA since full container is always the cheaper option.

LCL: Less than container load, LCL is generally preferred for small shipments. It is charged on the basis of the volume as compared to the flat rate container charge of FCL. So if you have small consignments, you can choose LCL allowing the shipping company to pack it along with other consignments going to the same destination.

Now you can easily make the right decision about choosing the best load option according to your consignment and budget. Ask for the quotes today!