shipping services to Libya

Shipping Services to Libya

American International Shipping Company are the leaders in the provision of shipping services. We are the only shipping company that has stood a taste of time in the shipping business. This is testimony to our unmatched shipping services. We are able to transfer items from all corners of the earth to Nigeria or the other way round. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle any kind of shipment order with ease. This is what makes us different from other shipping companies that are present in the business. One of the major destinations of our shipping team is Libya. A good number of clients rely on our shipping services each time they want to ship a variety of items to Libya.

Why should you trust our services?

There are numerous reasons that make us the best shipping company that is available in the industry as highlighted below:

  • Receive your items quickly: If you want to be able to receive items to Libya from anywhere in the world, you can do well to deal with our shipping services. This is the reputation we have built over the years.
  • Your items will be safe: We believe in making sure all the items belonging to our clients are safe and secure. You can expect to receive items in their right state.
  • We use all modes of transport: Our modes of transport range from road to air depending on the items being delivered, the preferences of our clients and the location of the destination.
  • There is no limit to the number of countries we ship to: We are able to ship a variety of items from Libya to any destination in the world. Our team of professionals also processes shipment orders involving items from anywhere in the world to Libya.

Services we provide

Auto shipping: If you are resident within Libya and you wish to have some items delivered to any location within Libya, you can do well to take advantage of our auto shipping services.

Boat shipping: Our unmatched boat shipping services can enable you to ship your items from anywhere in the world to Libya.

Air shipping: Our unmatched air shipping services can enable you to transport your items from anywhere in the world to Libya within a short time frame.

LCL Shipping: We are able to pick up your items from wherever you are and deliver them to our terminal for shipping to any destination within Libya.

FCL Shipping: We can pick up your items even if they are significant enough to equal a container’s capacity and deliver them to your desired destination within Libya.