Shipping Services to Lagos, Nigeria

Shipping Services to Lagos, Nigeria

American International shipping company is the leading provider of shipping services today. We are the providers of the best shipping services in the business. Our services attract numerous clients from all corners of the globe. This can be attributed to the high quality of the services that we provide. In particular, we are the leaders in the provision of multinational shipping services across the entire globe. One of our renowned shipping destinations is Nigeria. We boast of some of the best shipping services from the United States to Lagos in Nigeria and the other way round. There is no other company that you can trust if you want to ship any items from Nigeria to any other destination in the world or from any destination to Nigeria.

Reasons why we are the best providers of shipping services to Nigeria

  • Quick delivery of items; we are among the few shipping companies that can deliver your items to your desired destination within a short time frame. The delivery time varies with the destination but it is always reasonable enough to meet your expectations.
  • We can ship assorted items; whether you have an assortment of items or not, we will still help you to successfully deliver your items to your desired destination.
  • We can ship machinery; we have reliable means of shipping all kinds of machinery irrespective of size. Our highly effective and efficient loading and offloading equipment enables us to ship machinery to any location within Nigeria.

Services that you can expect from us

Auto shipping: we use this mode of shipment to deliver items within Nigeria. You can rely on us if you want to have some items delivered from Lagos to any destination within Nigeria.

Boat shipping: we are able to deliver a variety of items to Nigeria using our boat shipping services. Our long list of clients from the US and other countries are able to rely on our boat shipping services to have their items delivered to any location within Nigeria.

Air shipping: we have air shipment services for clients that want to deliver items to Nigeria from any destination on the world.

LCL: if you are in possession of items that are not significant enough to fill up a container, you can still rely on our LCL shipping services.

FCL shipping: for clients that have items sufficient enough to fill up a container, we are able to pick up their items and deliver them to our main office in Lagos, Nigeria.