Oversized Cargo

Oversized Cargo


We can assist with shipping oversize cargo such  as large cars, Van, Bus, boats, trucks and construction, agricultural and mining machinery. Our professionals follow all the essential steps of shipping oversize cargo overseas.

The care that we execute heavy machinery shipping with is the same, be it the shipment of a bus, bulldozer or a loader. Our service is so reliable as to provide our customers assurance of security for their costly machinery or equipment and peace of mind.

We are a complete team of heavy machinery haulers as well as oversize cargo transporters.

American International Shipping holds good safety records; provides advanced customer service and demands affordable charges for export oversize cargo shipping.

We remain conscious throughout the process to leave no pitfall in our service. If you deal with us and choose our service for heavy / large equipment shipping, we assure you of service of international standards. and, our shipping charges are upfront without any hidden cost.

Please call or send us a rate request and we’ll give you all the charges involved.